Thursday, February 25, 2010

Computers are closed...

So Computers and Technology class comes to an end. I started this blog because I thought it was a part of an assignment. Slowly I forgot about that assignment, and slowly I started to write things a little more liberal than one would think for an assignment. After about two weeks and a couple of posts, I had forgotten the purpose all together.

My blogging has turned into the reflection period of my teacher training. I like it. I think its useful, and it gets ideas out of my head.

I was talking to one of my friends today (my hairdresser subsequently), and she mentioned how she had thought about going into jouralism. Her issue with that was that she thought it was a dying career. Her reasoning for that was blogging itself.

Media and information can be found anywhere on the net. A lot of the time it is simply someone's opinion, point of view, or the knowledge they have gained. This is what blogging is. One day I hope my blogs can evolve into a source of information that is valid for others. So far it seems like an online diary, but who knows.

The next step is likely to center my blogging topics and make my voice have purpose. I found that as I had my computer class and education to blog about, it wasn't so hard to find something to say.

I think that as my teaching career continues, I will keep it up. There is a lot to be shared, and I think that connecting and collaborating with other teachers will be important to my career.

In sum, unless I think of something to say, this will be my last post here.
I wouldn't mind creating another blog for my student teaching reflections. Heck, why not. WTH, I might even use this one!

Who knows. My journey into the realm of online communication and collaboration surely hasn't come to an end here.

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  1. Good start to blogging, Dale. I hope you do keep it up. I will keep following you!