Thursday, January 14, 2010

First things first...

After reading my blog for a few minutes, I'm sure you'll realize that I am not a doctor. My first name is Dale and my middle name is Robert. Sorry for the inconvenience :)

I have created a similar blog for the Into to Information Technology course I took in my undergrad. I didn't take that course very seriously, and thus didn't get a very serious mark. Now that I am in the B. Ed. after degre, the information technologies I am learning about seem to make more sense. I can apply them directly to my progress in becoming a teacher. Personally, I also have a goal. When I took an information tech class three years ago or what have you, I didn't. I was.. drifting a little bit you might think. At that specific point in time I thought I wanted to be a business man. Wow was I wrong.

We are two weeks into this course and it seems to be going well! I am enjoying it, and learning about new tools that I wouldn't have taken the time to get into otherwise. I started a Twitter account. If you asked me three years ago if I was going to sign up for facebook I would have told you it was stupid, or something along those lines. Facebook and myspace later, I'm tweeting. Wee.

I guess technology oriented learnin is the direction Education is going. It is definately the direction our society seems to be going, so as an up and coming teacher I better know my stuff!!

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