Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learning is pretty hard..

I just read a blog post, found through a link that was sent to me and many other people, through a tweet, via the Twitter site.. I may have stretched that farther than it needed to go, but all of that happened in a matter of minutes. The next two minutes consisted of me scanning the article and "scanning for headlines", and I came across the point (bold heading number 5) that tells me to "Remember Why I'm Here".
"Learning isn't a race, it should be a pleasurable experience. If you're racing
to keep up with feeds or tweets, maybe its time to thin your subscriptions."

I haven't ran into this problem yet. In fact, I don't think I even qualify in the realm of internet intake I subscribe to a day to even be eligible for this advice. I do find that it applies in many different areas though, especially education. Realizing points like this was a turning point in my education. Its not a race, slow down and take in as much as you can. Learn to cut out things that aren't necessary, and most of all, remember why you're here. You're hear to learn. Not to fill empty space. Take it all in while remembering what is important.

I liked the article, check it out for a breath of fresh air. Thanks Mr. Natais for the link (above).

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  1. glad you found it useful, it was a good post!