Monday, January 18, 2010

Memiary - Another Link Stolen From my Teacher

I just read another blog that Mr. Nantais posted on Twitter. It was great. Very honest, down to earth, and talking about how terrible people can be. (Read) There's not much reason to be terrible. I know I want to be sometimes... but man its a lot of work.

He suggested a Memiary. A daily list of 5 good things you did that day. I figured I'd try one out on here instead of signing up for something. I've signed up for a lot of things lately.

1. Ate Pizza for breakfast
2. Only had six cigarettes
3. Hung out with Lucky the dog
4. Got my girlfriend a coffee at work
5. Watched a good movie

hmm.. thats too personal for my blog presence as of yet, so I promise I won't do that again :P

Something like that could help out when we're done our preservice teaching days and hopefully take on professional teaching. I bet it could be stressful, and I bet anyone would take that stress out on one or two of some thirty odd kids in the room. Who wouldn't!... Thats not fair though.

Snapping or having my head explode isn't very fun. But I'm sure I could find five things that happened or that I did that were good in every day as a teacher. I guess stress and personal well-being are things that I'll have to consider..

On we go! Thanks again for the link Mr. Nantais.

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